We are constantly judged and forced to deal with unwanted drama, traumas, relationship issues, and lots more in our marriages. The desire to have a healthy way to deal with all the madness in incredibly toxic marriages is rising. There is constantly the need to improve the quality of life daily for couples, which has given rise to the need for couples therapy. 

What is Couples Therapy? 

Are you struggling in your relationship? Is your partner becoming withdrawn and evasive during communication? Is your sex life gradually becoming a charade? How about your relationship with God, is your relationships affecting your relationship with God? Today, couples therapy helps rebuild your relationship with your partner, God, and yourself. Couples therapy is another type of psychotherapy that is nonjudgmental, unbiased, and allows partners to improve their relationships. 

How Common Are Mental Health Issues In Marriages? 

Mental health issues are prevalent in our society today. Recent statistics from the National Policy for Mental Health Services Delivery in Nigeria 1 out of every 5 Nigerian adults lives with a mental health condition. In comparison, 10 in 20 adults experience a severe mental health condition yearly. 

That notwithstanding, engulfed by poor societal attitudes toward mental illness and inadequate resources, facilities, and mental health staff, suggests that approximately 90% of individuals with serious mental health needs in Nigeria cannot access care. 4 in 6 Nigerian youth age experience a mental health disorder. 

Unaddressed mental health issues often get worse and may have other adverse effects. Very often, this traumatic effect is taken into marriages and could lead to the following: 

. Inability to communicate effectively and openly at home and with your partner. 

. Difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships with anyone or taking care of children. 

. Increased risk of health issues due to unforgiveness, stress, guilt, and shame. 

. Becoming a danger to oneself. 

. Increased risk of domestic violence and abuses. 

. Having difficulty coping with the issue daily. 

. Constantly seeing your partner as an embarrassment or a disgrace. 

. Decrease in quality of life. 

. Constantly having anxious thoughts. 

. Dealing with Agoraphobia. People who struggle with agoraphobia fear being in places where they might experience panic attacks or become trapped. 

. Social and emotional withdrawal. Many people feel better when they can spend at least some time alone, but when it becomes excessive, the partner suffers. 

Do I Need Couples Therapy? 

Yes, you do! 


Therapy is often recommended when any mental health or emotional anxiety affects your daily life and function in marriage. 

Couples Therapy can help you learn about what you’re feeling towards your partner, why you might be feeling it, and how to cope.

It may be difficult to admit you need help, especially if you will get stigmatized or confronted at the end of the day. It can also be tough to encourage a friend going crisis in their marriage to seek help, but it’s a necessity.

Encourage anyone you know to look into possible therapy options, which is an excellent way to show support. Please don’t force them into therapy, for people who feel forced into treatment often feel resistant and find it challenging to put in the work needed to make a change.

What Are The Benefits Of Seeking Couples Therapy?

If you’re considering couples therapy, you may think of possible drawbacks. The rate may pose a worry to you. You should also know that therapy is often complex. Trauma from the past can be frightening to remember and discuss with someone else. Working through challenges from the past isn’t easy, and therapy isn’t always a quick fix. When you’re ready to see a therapist, ensure you can be honest with yourself and them.

Yet, couples therapy can be rewarding if you’re willing to do the work. It’s a safe, non-judgment space where you can share anything with a trained professional who is there to help.

Here are a few benefits of therapy:

. You’ll learn and discover more about who you are. 

. The therapists would listen to your story and help you make connections with your partner. 

. The therapist offers guidance or recommendations if you and your partner feel lost and disconnected. 

. Couples therapy can empower you to take action on your own without coercion. 

. Therapy can help you have a more fulfilling relationship with yourself and your partner. 

If you believe you may need a therapist, W. E. I. Consult provides additional options to help beat any mental health addictions.

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