The stress of thinking in a creative way daily affects a lot of people mentally. Change is indeed constant, yet the change that covid19 brought was a major one that not even the most intelligent minds were prepared for. Only a few are dealing positively with the complex change the pandemic brought. Coping with change brings fear, uncertainty, anger, and anxiety. Thinking creatively daily in all you do is all about changing from a thought-processing pattern that isn’t working to a more practical one. And we all love our comfort zones even if we may not be productive in that circle. The mental stress of thinking creatively is affecting our world greatly.

Below are a few reasons why thinking creatively is considered mental stress.

  • Creative thinking involves using one’s skills, abilities, and perspectives in a new way. This pattern is often a big deal to people comfortable thinking and following one way. Such people have a knack for believing they are right and know everything. 
  •  Many others find it difficult to think creatively, especially if, in the past, they were right and forced to accept they were wrong by their parents, bosses, teachers, or pastors. They won’t easily take that thinking creatively or out of the box is worth it. 
  • I believe that “non-creative” people would be shocked to understand that “creative” people also find creativity hard. People get stuck when it comes to thinking out of the box because they want immediate results without having to work for them. Funny right? That’s our world today. People deliver mediocre services because they need to think more smartly and provide optimum results. 
  • When it comes to thinking creatively, it’s considered stressful because it takes work to see what you are doing as being creative, especially when the result is minute. It could be monotonous and deemed not good enough. Let’s also remember that others who don’t know the value of your effort will pay you less than you deserve. 
  • Creative thinking is considered a gift to be quitted to only particular people. Many consider thinking creatively as something that makes special people different and unique, and this is only sometimes the case. We are all special and unique and are capable of amazing things if we start believing them.
The Mental Stress of Thinking Creatively Daily

Thinking creatively as humans can be very complex but its necessary.

Employers in all industries are searching for brilliant minds who can think creatively—men and women who can think outside the box. Irrespective of the mental stress attached to thinking creatively mentioned above, we can’t afford to celebrate mediocre thought.

Thinking creatively at all times, as humans are complex sometimes, but please continue thinking creatively. It’s crucial, not just to you, but to all who benefit from what you build. And I say that mainly to the people who would characterize themselves as “not creative” because some of our greatest inventors, some of our most exciting inventions, come from you and me, and our world wouldn’t be a better place without them. 

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