The Importance of Being Extra Nice to Yourself can never be overemphasized. Being extra nice to oneself also means showing self-love oneself. A self-love is a form of caring for your body, your mind, and your spirit without the watchful guidance of anyone. Contrary to popular belief, there is nothing selfish about being nice or practicing self-love oneself. We are all products of our thoughts, and our cognition partly determines our sense of self. 

Our outward appearances and the words that come out of our mouths tell people a lot about us and how our minds work. For some, being nice to themselves and their mind is too much. They are critical of themselves and find it difficult to celebrate their achievements and even love their mind and what it produces. For others, it’s painful to remind them to celebrate themselves. It becomes unbearable to be nice to themselves. 

Emily Pronin, a Princeton University psychologist specializing in human self-perception and decision-making, believes that our distorted perception of ourselves is an “introspection illusion.” According to Emily, we don’t have any problem seeing something one way and acting out another way. For instance: If we believe that we are morally sound and can’t be wrong, we turn blind eyes to our flaws but are quick to judge others for being unfair. We quickly forget that we can make mistakes and be unjust in our judgments.

Being nice to oneself comes with multiple barriers- societal prejudices, family scrutiny, friends un- acceptance, and religious discrimination. There has always been intense societal pressure placed on us to be perfect and critical of ourselves. This pressure makes it difficult to see anything good in ourselves. Even if we tried to be nice to ourselves, so many people would be there to remind us of our pasts and failures.

 It’s risky not to be nice to oneself and take care of oneself. It makes us lose connections with ourselves and develop in every aspect of life.

Self love is important

Self Love is important

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There are three key benefits of being nice to yourself, namely:
  •  They become ambassadors of self-love – People who aren’t afraid of being nice themselves (practice self-love) are always mindful of their words, thoughts, behavioral patterns, and feelings. They are willing to take any actions necessary to develop any area of their lives that isn’t productive. None of their actions are counterproductive. 
  •  Ambassadors of good self-care- The need to care for oneself can never be overemphasized. People who are extra nice to themselves maintain healthy practices like exercising daily, eating healthy meals, sleeping better, enjoying intimacy with themselves, and having healthy social interactions.
  •  Learn something new – People who know how to be extra lovely to themselves are always learning something new due to their high-spiritedness. They are enthusiastic about life and all it brings. Learning something new helps develop healthier minds because it strengthens the connections in your brain and is fun. It also improves memory functions and opens you up to more learning. 

Stop the negative self-thoughts that may come in and try to judge you for taking care of yourself. Protect yourself against the prying and condemning eyes of naysayers. Challenge every negative thought with a positive one. If you feel anxious about being nice to yourself, step out and surround yourself with people who already do. People who value, care, and love themselves have a lively connection to themselves.  

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