Hands up everyone who is perfectly happy! Whether you are perfectly unhappy now doesn’t mean it has to remain that way. You can change that by believing that happiness is a state of bliss.

Now, unless you have been taking your holidays on Jupiter for the last few years, you would have noticed that the society we all live in has been changing rapidly and mainly for the worst before our very eyes.

Some of these changes have been obvious, and others less so, but they all have something in common: our lives, lifestyles, and mental health have been altered and shaped by these changes, including how we perceive and define happiness.

You can make that change and become happy.

All these changes mean that we have to face a vast number of choices with very little guidance on how to make the right ones or protect our happiness, much less our mental health.

Suppose you live on planet Earth as I do and not Jupiter, and the heartbreaking early morning news, scenes of misery, political treachery, stress, and high cost of living constantly confront you. In that case, it is time to do things you enjoy and are suitable for your overall well-being.

Simple activities below would help set you off on the path to feeling good and being happy in a broken world like ours;

* Time-management

* Telling yourself something positive daily

* Eating healthy

* Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

* Choose an exercise that you enjoy

* Get enough rest

* Talk things through with someone.

* Maintaining healthy relationships

Happiness is a state of bliss. You can’t buy it with money; only you can bring it to yourself. Train your brain to stay in this state, and it will.

Image Credit – Google Pics