Do you know that one of the things that can seriously affect our ability to make decisions is Stress? Stress intoxicates and inhibits any form of self-development and growth. The dangers of stress in our world today can never be underestimated.

How much confidence would we have in ourselves if we weren’t stressed out constantly?

For now, it’s enough to realize how self-defeating we can all be when we allow stress to take over every part of our day.

One of the things that can seriously affect our ability to make decisions is stress. Stress has been and will always be a modern-day phenomenon that has entered our vocabulary without us even being aware. “I’m so stressed out”. “I can’t cope with all this stress today” has become a famous lament.

Stress is often seen as a classic symptom of suffering, a situation that will not change and the inability to do anything about it. And it is something that affects us a

The statistics on people dealing with stress in our society are staggering. Some estimates put the number of people coping with stress amongst youths at 80% yearly. An estimated 300,000 workers per day take time off because of Stress, and the problem is not going away.

If anything. it is getting worse!

Without mincing words, some stress can be helpful. If we are completely apathetic about a task or demand, we will unlikely do our best. An utterly relaxed person will probably not perform as well as someone anxious before an exam, all things being equal.

The psychological and physical impact on us can be tremendously wide-ranging, involving everything from relatively minor problems, such as short-temper and sleep-less nights, to more severe issues, such as reduced immune deficiency functioning, elevated blood pressure, depression, relationship problems, and even heart attacks.

Stress can kill.

In a broken and fast-depreciating world like ours, we must be honest with ourselves and assess the situation realistically. If there is a genuine end to the stress, then enduring it, knowing that something will change shortly, becomes possible. But, if the problem will not go away, you must take steps to help yourself.

Feeling embarrassed that “you are not coping” can be the biggest hurdle to changing the situation.

If stress impacts your life negatively, doing something about it is imperative! Please don’t wait until it’s too late – act now and end the stress! Stress may be a natural phenomenon, but it’s unhealthy and unnatural to remain stressed.

Eradicate stress from your life and live out your potential.

Image Credit- Google Pics